Beyoğlu;  the main attraction in Istanbul, where history and fashion meet in a quotidian atmosphere.

With musicians you can encounter around every corner and with its colorful streets, Beyoğlu is situated at an area you must definitely see.

So, how about getting to know this beautiful and rich destination where Turkey’s heart beats?


Dating back to Byzantine times,  Beyoğlu today is the center of art, culture, fashion and entertainment  encompassing  a myriad of treasures to be seen.

One of the oldest witnesses to history, Beyoğlu which includes Taksim Square, Istiklal Street and the Tunnel region, is a center that offers you beauty wherever you look.

You can start your tour of Beyoğlu; one of the most interesting spots not only of Istanbul but of Turkey, from Taksim Square.

A highly preferred rendevous point, Taksim Square is a big and colorful place. The Taksim Republic Monument found at the center of the square, with bronze statues encircling it, is a historical artifact.

Situated at the junction of other neighborhoods, Taksim Square also incorporates Gezi Park, a cool recreation area with its verdant trees.  Covering an area of thirty-eight thousand square meters, this urban park provides a breathing space amid the crowd.

Currently under restoration, Ataturk Cultural Center, one of the most important art centers in Istanbul, is also in Taksim.

The trolley which allows you to take a nostalgic trip from Taksim Square to Tunnel Square is one of the most beautiful and important elements of Istiklal Street.

As you are walking towards Istiklal Street from the square, you will first be met with the glow of the light coming from the signboards. Upon seeing the crowds of people and their excitement you will realize right away that you have come to the most interesting area in Istanbul.

Many structures in Istiklal Street are historical and embody amazing details. The carvings and statues on these buildings are the faces of history reflected onto our present.

You can enjoy shopping on this street which has numerous historical passageways.  Çiçek Pasajı (Cite de Pera) and Atlas with their lively restaurants, the passageways of Halep, Aznavur, Tokatlıyan, Hazzopulo, Markiz, El-Hamra, Syria and Europe are beautiful historical centers where you can shop.

Istiklal Street awaits you with all its colors and styles, with its numerous shops where you can also find products of famous brands.

As a centuries-old area, Beyoğlu also hosts several different places of worship. The French Latin churches of St. Antoine and St. Louis; the orthodox church of Ayios Nikolaos, the Armenian Galata, Avios Panteleimon and St. Benoit and the mosques of Hüseyin Ağa, Cihangir and Firuzağa are the religious places in Beyoğlu.

In Beyoğlu, where the next stop after Tunnel is Galata, the route of discovery does not end. As one of the most amazing places in Istanbul, the Galata tower awaits you with its 360 degrees scenery. With the restaurants and shops around it, the tower is like a window opened upon an extraordinary location.

Both with its standing collections and temporary exhibitions, Beyoğlu is one of the most important cultural centers of Istanbul. Numerous galleries, exhibition centers and museums showcase their artifacts to admirers of art.

There are many restaurants in Beyoğlu where you can enjoy both traditional Turkish cuisine and tastes from around the world. Beyoğlu which also has places where you can have breakfast and sip your tea,  alongside restaurants and bars for later hours—is an place that does not sleep.

Authentic and world-famous bars and restaurants are situated in different parts of Beyoğlu. Places where you can enjoy the best scenery in Istanbul; places like Asmalımescit, Nevizade, Çiçek Pasajı, Tunnel, The French Street and Galata are popular spots where one can go for an enjoyable experience.

There are also numerous concert venues in Beyoğlu. Make sure you check the schedules of these places where famous musicians and artists take stage every week.

One of the most pleasant aspects of Beyoğlu are street musicians and performance artists. You can encounter at any time many local and foreign artists on the streets of Beyoğlu.

Your journey of Beyoğlu, from Taksim through Istiklal and its tiny sidestreets leading up to Tunnel will be an unforgettable one. It is now your turn to get to know Beyoğlu and experience the feeling of travelling through time!


İstanbul International Beyoğlu Poetry Festival, Altıneller (Golden hands) Festival  and street Musicians Festivals are just a few of the festivals organized in Beyoğlu.

Galata Fashion Festival and Galata Design Festival are among the organizations that point to the importance given to production and design during which many highly creative works are exhibited. Galata Bibliopole Festival on the other hand is a cultural activity that brings book lovers and hundreds of books together.

Beyoğlu Local Flavors Festival, Beyoğlu Summer Cinema Days, and Beyoğlu Summer Festival are just a few of the events held here.

We can assure you that you will be very happy in Beyoğlu where many interesting activities are held throughout the year.

Beyoğlu, the heart of İstanbul, which attracts thousands of visitors every day is also the harbinger of fun times with the festivals it hosts throughout the year.

How can I go there?

You can reach this rich place which is situated right in the middle of Istanbul via public busses, mini busses, trolleys and by cab. As a transfer point, Taksim is one of the easiest places to get to in Istanbul. Once you land at the airport, you can easily get to Taksim by bus.

The abundance of transportation facilities will render your trip to this region easy and pleasant. Make sure you have your cameras ready!

Istanbul has the most advanced transportation means, so Beyoğlu awaits you for an enjoyable trip.


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